10 Reasons to use the Swift Plinth Plus
No wet mix needed
Portable – Easy site access
Adjustable – Easy levelling
Allows air flow under building
Avoids ground moisture
Prevents rain splash back
No specialist skills required
95% less concrete than a slab
Re-position and re-
 Can my Stømhaus building be used for any purpose?
It most certainly can, anything from a compact work space to an educational building or a full house. Flexible modular or bespoke, the possibilities are endless.
 Why a Stømhaus building?
Unlike most modular building companies, We are passionate about contemporary design, quality and sustainability. Innovative solutions are explored using a hybrid of modern methods of construction – eliminating the problems of cost and time overruns of a traditionally procured building, not to mention quality.
 Can I have my Stømhaus building designed to my specific requirements?
Absolutely. We know everyone’s requirements are different. We can design whatever you want – from a Granny annex to a garden studio, workshops, pool housings, holiday retreats, garages, just give us a call. There are thousands of possibilities.
 Does my Stømhaus building need planning permission?
This depends on the size and use. A garden studio, for example, in many cases can be built under (PD) permitted development without any hassle at all. However, where the building will be used as a living space, planning permission may be required. You don’t have to worry though – we can carry out any planning applications for you.
 What’s ‘eco’ about my Stømhaus building?
Pretty much everything. Built using Modern Methods of Construction , Sustainable wood structure and cladding, environmentally-friendly low energy lighting and heating, high performance insulation and double glazing. And if you use your Stømhaus building as your workplace, it’ll do wonders for your carbon footprint too.
 Why is my Stømhaus build better than an extension?
Firstly, a Stømhaus build provides you the flexibility of being detached from your main living space – perfect for work. It normally costs less than a house extension and is completed in a fraction of the time. What’s more, your building has a fixed price so there’ll be no ‘extra costs’ from builders half way through. Stømhaus cabins are built using modern methods of construction with full high-performance double glazing and insulated to extremely high standards for all round comfort and security. Basically, they’re engineered to last.
 What kind of foundation will my Stømhaus build need?
This really depends on the design and end use of your Stømhaus build. We utilise various methods, from adjustable steel pads that bear the load(LABC approved), to concrete raft or strip footing foundations. However, whichever foundation we engineer for your building, it will conform to UK building regulations.
What about heating, lighting and electrics?
From super-efficient low energy under floor heating systems, electric panel heating together with low energy lights and power points. Data points are also provided for a fully functional, state-of-the-art work space, of course.
How long do I have to wait for my Stømhaus building?
Not long, depending on the type of project and whether planning permission is required. For example a studio is usually 8-12 weeks. The average installation time for a typical 50m2 annex subject to site conditions, is around 20 days.
Is my Stømhaus building guaranteed?
It most certainly is. Every Stømhaus building has a 10 year “structural” guarantee as standard. Doors and windows 10 years and glazing units 5yrs. Although, as they can be built to modern housing standards, they’re made to last a lifetime.
How much will my Stømhaus building cost?
Obviously, price all depends on what you have, whether it’s a compact studio or a full dwelling. We can tailor the specification of your building to suit your budget.